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Dr. Sanjeev is having the degree of BAMS from Patanjali Ayurvedic Gyan Evam Anusandhan Sansthan, Haridwar (Patanjali Yogpeeth). He is having more than 4 years of experience as Neuro Physician and Panchkarma Specialist. Driven by his strong sense of conviction to heal the world with Ayurveda, one person at a time, Dr Sanjeev Singh began his journey of healing people in a simple and humble in his clinic Bioveda in the year 2017. A threadbare cabinet held his herbs and a couple of chairs along the wall served as the waiting room. Gradually, his healing hands gained popularity and he brought in a couple of assistant Vaidyas to serve the steady flow of patients.

Dr Sanjeev Singh wanted the world to experience the purity and efficacy of authentic Ayurveda. He designed the treatment that is completely based on the classical compendiums. Over 15000 people are living a healthier life thanks to Dr. Sanjeev’s authentic Ayurveda.

Dr Sanjeev Singh believed that technology was a great enabler in demystifying Ayurveda for the common man. He had a simple explanation for everything, and he wanted to get it out to the world.

Use of the internet had an even bigger impact in opening up the deepest secrets of Ayurveda to people around the world. His ayurveda website where people could get Ayurvedic health information and also book consultation with Dr Sanjeev Singh.

Dr Sanjeev Singh wanted people to start believing in Ayurveda once again. So, after clinic hours, he devoted his time connecting with people at the grass-root level, understanding their problems and helping them make better healthcare decisions. He use to do free checkup camps around the Ayodhya City to treat & consult poor.

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